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PRE_ROLLS | Fernway

Fernway - Snow Maker #95 Flower Joint (H)

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Fernway’s new ultra-premium joints, infused with your favorite flavors. Alpha Pinene - 0.04% Beta Caryophyllene - 0.16% Beta Myrcene - 0.99% Beta Pinene - 0.07% Bisabolol - 0.02% Caryophyllene Oxide Eucalyptol Humulene - 0.06% Limonene - 0.33% Linalool - 0.1%


At Fernway, we believe cannabis makes the good life even better. Good music, good food, good company, good scenery: cannabis elevates it all.

As passionate and experienced consumers, we love to create truly exceptional cannabis experiences through best-in-class products that are designed to be enjoyed.