Angled front view with bag zipped and handles upright.


Stylus Battery

Product information



An excellent vape deserves an excellent battery. Optimized to make your vapes taste better and last longer, the STYLUS is the perfect companion for your Fernway cartridge.


• Click button 5x fast to turn on & off
• Click button 3x fast to change heat setting
• Click button 2x fast to preheat in cold weather or if cartridge clogs; wait for lights to cycle through, then press button & inhale

Heat settings: Low (Green, 2.6V), medium low (Blue, 3.0V), medium high (Purple, 3.4V), high (Red, 3.8V)

Low means max flavor/min vapor, high means max vapor/min flavor


At Fernway, we believe cannabis makes the good life even better. Good music, good food, good company, good scenery: cannabis elevates it all.

As passionate and experienced consumers, we love to create truly exceptional cannabis experiences through best-in-class products that are designed to be enjoyed.